Megagame Prototype

Period: 2016 - ongoing

Technology: Unity Game Engine, GitLab, C#, Blender, Inkscape, GIMP, SQLite, JSON.Net, TCP sockets

A prototype "megagame" I original started working on as a side project during my PhD, the idea was to create a networked, digital version of the analog megagame Watch the Skies (as popularized by board game review group Shut Up & Sit Down).

Like it's analog inspiration, my megagame was originally meant to be played by large groups of people face-to-face in the same physical location over the course of approximately 6 hours. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing restrictions has prompted me to pivot the project to be played semi-asynchronously online over the course of three weeks.

While this has been one of the largest projects I've worked on (and it still a long way from complete), it has been a tremendous learning opportunity; including supervising a team of 10 collaborators, learning about a variety of hex-based coordinate systems, re-leaning various procedural map generation techniques, MVVC architecture, transaction-based dataset management, and going more in-depth with networked data serialization than was necessary for Beam Me 'Round, Scotty's PC+tablet iteration.

Currently, a bare-bones version of the Defence Minister role is playable over the internet on procedurally generated Civ-style maps.

Screenshot of the megagame prototype
Screenshot of the megagame prototype