Pocket Pirates
Date: Fall 2017 University of Waterloo "GI Jam" (48-hours) Tech: Unity Game Engine, Inkscape, UDP sockets Team: 3 My role: Design, Lead Developer, Networking

Pocket Pirates is an Asteroids-style local multiplayer game where players use their smartphones as controllers. Designed to be played on a shared, public display, each phone client automatically discovers the game server if it is on the same local network. Players need only open the app to jump in and start playing.

Players steer their ships using IMU tilt sensors. The touchscreen is divided into two full-screen buttons allowing players to shoot bullets vs homing missiles (tap vs long press) and boost their speed.

Pocket Pirates was created in 48-hours at the fall 2017 GI Game Jam.

Demo server and client files can be found at theplayfulpixel.itch.io.