Slap Back


Slap Back (Typescript, Websockets, NodeJS, 2021)

As a sort of personal therapy to help deal with the social isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, I put together a simple web game through which I could reach out to the the friends and family I couldn't see in person. My design goal for Slap Back was to make a game that was ultra-simplistic, quick to start, easy to learn, and inclusive of almost every kind of player. In essence, I wanted to create something that everyone (including non-"gamers") could play in the background of a group video call regardless of how powerful their device was.

Inspired by "Samurai Kirby", Slap Back is a simple, two-player reflex game. The first player to tap their button after the prompt wins. That's it. While the game itself isn't anything special, it's a lot of fun being able to whip it out at a moments notice or text a link to a friend and start playing together immediately!

For now, you can play either online with friends or locally using a single device. Online there's even a betting meta-layer where friends who don't want to compete can still participate as spectators.