Slap Back


Share 1 phone between 2 players & tap


P1: A key, P2: L key

Slap Back (HTML5/Typescript, 2021)

The social isolation and ample "free time" of the 2020 pandemic lockdowns prompted me to experiment with the most "reach out to the world" technology I could think of: the web. Though I've been programming for decades and had dabbled with basic HTML in the early 2000s, I took the opportunity to really dive into modern web development, Typescript, bundlers, NodeJS, animation libraries... it's an endless rabbit hole!

Ultimately, I put my learning into practice and built a simple game: Slap Back! Inspired by "Samurai Kirby", Slap Back is a simple, two-player reflex game. The first player to tap their button after the prompt wins. That's it. While the game itself isn't anything special, it's a lot of fun being able to whip it out at a moments notice or text a link to a friend and have them play immediately!

In future, my plan is to create a remote-play version using web sockets so that I can play a quick game with friends anywhere, anytime!