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Our Mission

We want to provide our players with a fun and accessible way to socialize with their neighbours and communities. We're building large-scale social play experiences that combine the best of board games, video games, and good old fashioned face-to-face play. Get ready for an experience like you've never seen before!


If you've ever played a board game, you know enough to participate in our megagames. Simple game rules and a huge variety of player roles mean there's fun to be had no matter your tastes.

Guided Imagination

The narrator helps push each game's overarching narrative forward, but all of the decisions and interactions are driven by you, the players.

Authentically Social

Our technology is designed to fade into the background and keep the focus on social interaction between players.

What are Megagames?

Learn more about our innovative take on large-scale social play

  • Gather some friends

    Megagames are unique for involving 50-300 players all participating in the same crazy, fun, social experience. Teams can be any size (recommended 3-8) or, if you're feeling particularly sociable, we can introduce and pair you with entirely new people!

  • Reserve your tickets

    It takes time to coordinate large groups and games book up quickly so you'll want to reserve your seats a few weeks in advance.

  • Get ready!

    Before each game, we'll send you and your team some simple background information that will help you hit the ground running once your arrive and the curtain rises.

  • Play!

    What happens in each game is up to your team and your imaginations!

  • Come together!
    Let's Play!

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